Welcome to the new world of cryptocurrency...

We relise it can be difficult starting out in the cryptocurrency world. On this site, you will find useful information and guides to help you get started. We also offer a paid service for those who find technology all a bit too hard, but want to get started in cryptocurrency.


All relevant guides and explanations regarding the world of cryptocurrency. What is blockchain? What is Bitcoin? How do I buy? These are just some of the many topics covered.

Video Guides

We have searched the internet and have sourced some of the best "how to" guides with regards to all things crypto from reputable channels YouTube has to offer!

Paid Services

We offer for a fee, a total beginners solution from setting up a wallet, to purchasing or selling crypto for those that aren't confident or technology challenged.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggle with technology, for a fixed fee, we can assist you with setting up your own account with digital wallets and making your first purchase.

  • Set up with an Australian Digital Exchange

  • Bank account syncronisation

  • Digital wallet set up

  • Print out of your purchase - Price and Quantity

Our Service

Your Crypto Folio Solution

This is your "all in one solution" for getting started with your cryptocurrency portfolio. This is a "one off fee" to set everything up relating to your account and assist in your first transaction. This takes the hassle and worry out of the experience, especially if you are not too proficient with computers and technology.

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